“These lips will never tell lies to you,

this heart will never love anyone but you,

this love is only for you,my forever”


“You are the sweetest person I have ever known,

You are the best man any woman could ever ask for,

You are my rest of the life waiting to happen”


“I have never been so sure in my life about someone until I met you,

I can get enough of you,

I wanna share my days and night with you, till I die”


“You are special in God’s eyes and you are special for me,

You are not my first love,

But you have touched my heart deeper than any man ever touched it,

You are not my first love,

But you are the last one this heart will ever love this much…this strong..and this pure”

“All my life..I have prayed for someone like you who will see the real me and receive me for who I am, you never judge me,you support me, in my ups and downs you always there. All my life..I never dream to meet someone who is as honest,real and true as you..All my life I have never feel love the way you love me….All my life I have been searching love in every wrong places..now I am glad that I finally made my last trip and found you in a right time..This time baby..is forever”